Diary Archive: September 2013

The most beautiful time of the year…

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Elsa’s Kopje is open all through the year. Its open all year long for a very good reason…

Being on the Equator and relatively low there are no huge extremes of climate. Being on the edge of the Northern Frontier District even our rains, which can be spectacular, are short lived.

Even so, we are often asked, ‘Which is the nicest month to come?’

We have worked all over East Africa and been lucky enough to visit lots of other amazing places all over the world. Without exception I can always answer, irrespective of where we are, September!

It’s the ‘Indian summer’, the gentle time, the time of soft light and tender dawn. The last of the summer but long before the winter. Hot sunny days and cooling evenings. It doesn’t matter if you are in the Alps or the Apennines it’s a lovely time of year.

Meru is just the same.

Game drives at Elsa's Kopje
Game drives at Elsa's Kopje

The summer madness is over, the kids are back at school and its time for gentle game drives in the cool of the morning, keeping by the rivers in the dust of noon and crisp clear evenings to let your sundowners wash away the heat of the day.

Come and see for yourself,

Phil & Charlie