Managers – Philip and “Charlie”

Born and bred Kenyans, Philip and Charlie have two grown up children living in Nairobi, and extended family all over East Africa.

Arriving in Meru some some six years ago, Philip and Charlie are very much a part of the magic that is Elsa’s Kopje. Over the years many guests have been enthralled by their stories and love of  East Africa, the Meru area, the history and the incredible wildlife.

Before becoming a part of the Elsa’s story, they have entertained visitors to East Africa for many years, in the Masai Mara, on Zanzibar, operating scuba boats off Pemba Island, and at their own property on the Kenya coast, Takaunga House.


Highly qualified and experienced..

All our guides hold Silver or Bronze level Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association certifications, and recently our guide Philip attained his Gold certification.

Home in Meru National Park…

The National Park is one of the most beautiful in Africa, and apart from being home to plentiful lion, cheetah, leopard, elephant and rhino, it is known for its diversity of habitat and wildlife, including the rare and beautiful lesser Kudu. The guides know every stunning corner, from the palm fringed springs, to the sandy beaches of the Tana river. A birders paradise, Meru boasts over 450 species, as well surprising botanical treasures including the giant baobab tree and rare paper bark Albitzia. Our guides know the territory of the Meru lions and leopards, but also in a habitat so diverse, they know the medicinal properties of the unusual plants, are keen birders, and can show you the home of the tiny naked mole rat!