In total, Elsa’s Kopje employs over 50% of its staff from the local community. Around 80% of all lodge purchases are made locally, with the exception of diesel, bulk propane and wine & spirits. We purchase fruit, vegetables and basics from Kiutene, the nearest township from the park boundary approximately 30 kms from Elsa’s. We are able to purchase simple hardware items and household goods from Maua about 50 kms away and source more complicated items from Meru town, about 120 kms away.

Maintaining our record of both supporting local communities and using renewable and locally produced materials,  we are working with various area chiefs to identify potential thatch, or ‘Thanji’ producers for Elsa’s to use on our buildings. We have been happy to assist with help, advice and small financial loans enabling the farmers to learn to dry and ‘bundle’ the grass and by doing so have succeeded in boosting the income of local farmers.