Familiar faces at Elsa’s Kopje…

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There some times seem few advantages to clocking up the extra years but as someone pointed out it’s a privilege denied to many.

Phili & Charlie alongside Elsa's infinity pool
Phili & Charlie alongside Elsa's infinity pool

After nearly 5 years in Meru Park we have the advantage of meeting many old friends again and sometimes again and again!

Friends and animals gain a certain familiarity with repeated meetings and it’s always a pleasure to renew these friendships.

As with humans the animals continue to recreate their gene pools and it is a constant delight to meet the offspring or hear of their prowess.

This month Brendan and Jeannette return and are amazed and excited to see the increase and multiplication of the animals they have returned to see again. Particularly they enjoyed seeing the 13 offspring of the Ostrich pair on the Kindani plain behind the lodge, all of who have survived the two-year interval since they first saw them as an improbable brood of fluffy chicks fresh out of the eggs.

Kelly and Johan who almost live here are arriving next week for their yearly sojourn and will be pleased to see ‘The Old Lady’. Who, immediately recognisable from her long disused collar, surprised us all last year by producing a bonny bouncing lion cub boy despite her 13 years of age.

He at a year is our homegrown ambassador to “World Lion Day” and a teenage irritation to the eight older members of the pride.

Come and visit soon,

Phil & Charlie