The Surrender of the Power Beast at Elsa’s Kopje…

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I should have spotted him sooner…

The Harley Davidson t-shirt on the 250 pound frame and a telephoto as long as my arm should have warned me.

It was about 4.30 in the afternoon and all the guests were out on the plains when we noticed that all power was ‘out’ on the southern end of camp.

‘AC overload’ was the cryptic message on the inverter monitor, but where exactly was the over load?

It was the “power beast”. A fitting that housed multiple chargers for the gangs of iPads, iPhones and iDontknow what else’s that supported this barrage of Canons and Sony cams and his lady wife’s laptops, yes both of them that all needed to drink deep each evening of our electrical supply.

The plug socket itself had melted with the combined load and the regulator had taken over to trip the system before worse befell but we had to explain this with the tact of modern day Kissinger and somehow spread the load.

The multiples of a full camp are the 26 times table. 26 times two beers at lunchtime and two more at ‘sundowner’s’ mean 104 bottles have to be as cold as only someone born in Arkansas can need. 26 towels at the swimming pool and 26 for the evening shower keep the 4.8 kilo washing machine running however many cycles that is!

More than that, are the 26 times however many slightly out of focus 6MB images of departing antelope or snoozing lion that have to wing their way through the ether to waiting family in mid America. Today’s appliances are just too efficient for Derek’s new wifi system that gets clogged daily with animalia.

But that’s the inside story! Outside the plains are dry and dusty, the roads hard and bumpy but the success and wonder of each days sightings makes short work of any discomforts.

Guests excited tales of identifying the lion prides and following the huge herds of Elephant and always much to my surprise sightings of water buffalos far from their Indian habitat delight everyone and make it all so satisfying.

Do we ever get bored of it? Not yet, we haven’t had time!

Phil & Charlie